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By Alan Cruse

ISBN-10: 0748621113

ISBN-13: 9780748621118

This easy-to-use consultant illuminates key techniques and phrases in semantics and pragmatics and the examine of that means because it is conveyed via language.

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Einführung in das Mittelhochdeutsche

Three. , überarb. Aufl.
Die vorliegende Einführung erscheint in einer durchgesehenen und verbesserten Auflage. Sie vermittelt denStudierenden die wesentlichen Grundkenntnisse des Mittelhochdeutschen, die für den erfolgreichen Abschlussdes mediävistisch-germanistischen Grundstudiums erforderlich sind. Dieser Band kann sowohl als Arbeitsbuch eines entsprechenden Grundkurses als auch für das Selbststudium verwendet werden.

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Example text

Inside the carriage”; “following the procession”) and to postpone or delay introduction of the main actor—Jacques-Louis David. In the prologue, it is the paintings and their attributes, particularly those of the “proscribed” painting (“both beautiful and repulsive”; “the most spellbinding thing he had ever made”) that constitute the real object of study. There appears to be a progressive staging in the prologue whereby desire is created in the viewer to see the painting that caused such a furore and that, for Schama, triggers such a contradictory set of emotions.

Conversely, the image, while it may initially be Multimodal Storytelling 17 apprehended as a whole, can be viewed in relation to what O’Toole (1994, 10) calls different episodes, a term that implies not only a spatial but also, potentially, a temporal dimension. MULTIMODAL COMMUNICATION: “PERFORMANCE” AND “INSCRIPTION” Taking Kitchener’s famous recruitment poster (1914) by way of example, van Leeuwen (2004) points to the inadequacy of an analysis that assumes that the message here is realized in two discrete acts: a speech act and what he calls an “image act” (7).

However, it seems to me that in spite of the volume of recent work in multimodal discourse analysis, much of which has significantly advanced understanding of processes of meaning-making across modes and media and served to develop specialized tools and technologies for enhanced multimodal analysis, work remains to be done in recognizing the discrepancies and potential incompatibilities of different meaningmaking systems. Moreover, the materiality of the marks on the page and the images on the screen while serving to cue particular interpretations of a text do not guarantee them, given the mediating role of culture and context.

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