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Nally, /È/ is the most frequent unstressed vowel phoneme in British English, too, also because of the vocalization of /È≤, é:≤/): (fÈ'ThØg>Èf‘Ω) /fÈ'tØg<ÈfÈ≤z/ #otogra#ers ((fÈ'ThAg<Èf≥Ü)a)˚ ('>¤cÈfl) /'ard (('<¤c≥fl)a), (Thû'g‘;¨) /tÈ'gOU/ to go ((Thû'gø;¨)a). Of course, we also find (å|) /È, È≤/ (before pauses): ('s‘¨få) /'sOUfÈ/ sofa {('sø¨f√)a}, ('A;fTå) /'π;ftÈ≤/ after {('π[;]fT≥)a}. 4. However, in British pronunciation, /È/ has another –rather important– taxophone, (‘). Phonetically, it is the short version of /È:/ (‘:), and occurs for /È≤ò/ followed by the grammemes /zò, dò/, and for non-prepausal /È≤ò/ (while, if /È≤ò/ is final before a pause, it becomes (å)).

2-3 of the HPh). 29-31). If the endpoint is an unrounded vowel, nothing is added; instead, with rounded vowels, a minuscule black dot is placed at the end of the line. If the endpoint is half-rounded, the marker at the end is a diamond÷ this marker is thus analogous to the normal-sized marker that would be used for a half-rounded first element ($). Meanwhile, the phonemic and phonetic transcriptions completing the information provided are placed around the vocogram. 29. Diphthongs (occurring stressed and unstressed).

E same marks naturally occur in the diagrams for stopstrictives as well. 1. 32. Slit and grooved constrictives: (†) and (s). slit † s grooved In the case of approximants, there is visibly more space between the articulators, and the horizontal line (used with constrictives) is omitted. 3). 2). 1-3) are marked with a black dot placed upon the articulator which is in motion (whether this is the tongue tip, the uvula, or the lips). 33). In the same figure, we can see çsequential articulatory compositionsÇ as well, which show two rapid tappings for (r), followed by two çopenÇ positions, with a white background.

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