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A upsetting new method of how we comprehend metaphors completely evaluating and contrasting the claims made via relevance theorists and cognitive linguists. The ensuing hybrid idea exhibits the complementarity of many positions in addition to the necessity and threat of accomplishing a broader and extra life like thought of our realizing.

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However, the moment at least one of them does actually turn around, we have a situation in which Sir Alex’s behaviour is not only manifest to this person, but where this person has knowledge of Sir Alex’s behaviour. Of course, Sperber and Wilson state over and over again that the context used in communication is not fixed in advance anyway, but that the context is generated during conversation. According to this view we do not take a previous context for granted but we search for a context that 28 A Hybrid Theory of Metaphor seems to be relevant.

However, research on metarepresentation leaves out the following types of representation (examples are taken from Sperber 2000c): (39) (40) Bill had a thought. This claim is often repeated. These representations are representations of representations, but they tell us nothing about the content of the lower-order representations. The disciplines involved in research on metarepresentation, however, have a foremost interest in our ‘capacity to represent the content of representations’ (Sperber 2000c; italics in original).

Sperber and Wilson’s theoretical construct might be different from the one proposed by the mutual-knowledge hypothesis in that it really seems to be weaker. However, it does not seem to be able to do its job: enabling people to communicate. All of Sperber and Wilson’s examples presuppose stronger requirements than mere mutual manifestness. But what should the conclusion be from all of this? What we have got so far is that requirements of mutual knowledge are too severe and that mutual manifestness is in general too weak.

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