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Vorwort Meinem Doktorvater Prof. Dr. Jürgen W. Falter gilt mein erster Dank. Er hat diese Arbeit immer aufmerksam begleitet. Nicht nur, dass empirische Analysen auch eines gewissen Pragmatismus’ bedürfen habe ich von ihm gelernt. Ich hätte mir keinen besseren Doktorvater wünschen können! Hon. -Prof. Dr.

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The terminal halts becomes the literal connects(halts, P1, P2)). Furthermore, as exemplified above, the position arguments for each constituent form a sequence p0 , . . , pn such that the constituent defined by the rule relates p0 to pn and subconstituent i in the right-hand side of the rule relates pi−1 to pi . The ability to describe this mapping algorithmically is the basis for interpreters for this and other grammar formalisms. We will investigate such formalisms and interpreters in Chapter 6.

Chapter 2. com and other booksellers. when all the parent facts will have been used in all possible ways, and Prolog will go into a loop using the recursive clause alone. The source of the difficulty in these cases is that one of the clauses is left recursive, that is, the leftmost antecedent literal in a clause defining a predicate is itself a reference to that same predicate. In general, left recursive predicates cause problems for the left-to-right, depth-first control regime that Prolog uses.

There are severe restrictions on the reversibility of Prolog programs. Pure Prolog programs that terminate when used in one mode may no longer terminate when used in another mode. Full Prolog programs with their metalogical facilities can exhibit completely different behavior when executed in different modes. Nonetheless, the use of Prolog programs with different modes is often a useful technique, and it is important to note that pure Prolog programs will never allow contradictory solutions just on the basis of being used in different modes.

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