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Ri. Moreover, by examining the monomial basis it is easy to see that blossoming and homogenization commute (see Fig. 7). FlG. 7. Blossoming and homogemzation commute. Just like symmetric multiaffine polynomials, symmetric multilinear polynomials can be computed from a recurrence. In general, we have the following identity: If B is a symmetric multilinear polynomial, then it follows from this identity that where Thus, using the following algorithm, we can compute an arbitrary value of B[(UI, t > i ) , .

Before we develop this idea further, we introduce some notation. When applying the multilinear blossom, we shall need to use simple identities of the form As is standard practice, we shall often abuse notation and simply write t to represent the affine parameter (/, 1). ) However, we need some notation for the vector (/i, 0). We shall adopt the notation for the unit vector. Thus we have the identity The following results are given in Ramshaw [21]; we include them here for completeness. 1. Let B[(ti, w>i),..

6^(t) because they provide the coefficients of p(i] relative to this basis. These dual functionals will be the main tool in much of our subsequent analysis. 3. Boehm's Knot Insertion Algorithm. ,Qn °f p(t) relative to the some other progressive sequence t i i , . . , ti27i,. ,Rn relative to the progressive sequences / i , . . , £ n , ti, £ n _ | _ i , . . , t'2n-\ and £21 • • • I ' t n i ui tn+\ •, • • • •, tin- Repeated application of Boehm's algorithm can be used to find the control points of p(i] relative to any arbitrary progressive sequence t i i , .

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