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By Rebecca M. Dauer

ISBN-10: 0130072532

ISBN-13: 9780130072535

This pronunciation textual content is helping scholars in attaining a near-native accessory.

  • Teaches vowels, consonants, rhythm, tension, and intonation utilizing rules of articulatory phonetics.
  • Provides targeted illustrations of lip positions of vowels and consonants, and a diagnostic speech sample.
  • Reinforces thought with quite a few perform workouts that come with words, dialogues, analyzing passages, and oral presentations.
  • Includes spelling styles for traditional phrases and educational words.

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J lr: ==j '===- = -== =-I :_:-==I= =::- =l == =-:. n 5-: -= i ==:i ! = The present simple tense is used permanent facts. m. I always go to lunch at that time- it's a fact. (RULE 3 I ) lam going to lunch now. l'll be back soon. {RULE 32) I live in London. It's my permanent home. {RULE 3 t ) I am living in London. It's temporary accommodation while I look for ajob. (RULE 32) for Use the present continuous tense about the future. to tatk. The present continuous is used in 54 per cent of situations when people talk about the future.

I like the music we are listening to. -'like'is not used in the continuous form. I am writing a novel. - lt's temporary. You expect to finish it one dayl lam learning English. -Allstudies are temporary/. Some dayyou finish learning English! will correctl the Appendix on American English! I was at university last year. I have seen him this morning. Only if it is still morningl I saw him this morning. - When it is no longer the morning. - rHts ts correctl Exercise W I I haye been writing a book for two years.

I had spoken to him before you. The boss had asked for his work before he had finished. Yesterday I had cleaned the house and done some gardening. Do not use the future simple in a future time clause, When we are talking about the future, future time clauses follow the conjunctions when, before, after, until, as soon as. Use the present simple in these clauses. I will phoneyou when lffi arrive. lwilltellyou assoon as td&reaOy. we won't go untit itffit ining. Oh my word, it's easy to make a mistake!

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