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Each parallel fibre synapses on about 200 Purkinje cells. They create a strip of excitation along the cerebellar folia. Mossy fibers are one of two main sources of input to the cerebellar cortex (see Figure 5). A mossy fibre is an axon terminal that ends in a large, bulbous swelling. These mossy fibers enter the granule cell layer and synapse on the dendrites of granule cells; in fact the granule cells reach out with little ‘claws’ to grasp the terminals. The granule cells then send their axons up to the molecular layer, where they end in a T and run parallel to the surface.

All hierarchical subcortical neuro–muscular physiology, from the bottom level of a single muscle fiber, to the top level of cerebellar muscular synergy, acts as a temporal out|in reaction, in such a way that the higher level acts as a command/control space for the lower level, itself representing an abstract image of the lower one: 1. At the muscular level, we have excitation–contraction dynamics [16, 18, 17], in which out|in is given by the following sequence of nonlinear diffusion processes [28, 29]: neural−action−potential synaptic−potential excitation−contraction−coupling muscular−action−potential muscle−tension−generating.

Using (5) we come to the affine 3 Briefly, the Euclidean SE(3)–group is defined as a semidirect (noncommutative) product of 3D rotations and 3D translations, SE(3) := SO(3) R3 . Its most important subgroups are the following (for technical details see [30, 55, 33]): Definition Subgroup Set of all proper orthogonal SO(3), group of rotations in 3D (a spherical joint) 3 × 3 − rotational matrices Set  of all 3 × 3 − matrices:  cos θ sin θ rx SE(2), special Euclidean group  − sin θ cos θ ry  in 2D (all planar motions) 0 0 1 Set of all proper orthogonal SO(2), group of rotations in 2D subgroup of SE(2)–group 2 × 2 − rotational matrices (a revolute joint) included in SE(2) − group R3 , group of translations in 3D Euclidean 3D vector space (all spatial displacements) 34 Vladimir G.

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