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Meier, Fred S. Pettit: Introduction to the High-Temperature Oxidation of Metals (Cambridge University Press, New York 2006). com Keywords: Flash Smelting Furnace, Reaction Shaft, Freeze Slag, Surface Tension Abstract. According to the reaction shaft operation characteristics during the flash smelting process, 15 groups of slag samples containing high Fe3O4 were prepared by some chemical reagents, and then the slag surface tensions were measured using a RTW-10 type synthetic test instrument for melt physical property by means of suspension link.

It is often explained by the classic theory that the complex silicon oxygen ionic group will decompose into simple forms when the temperature rises, so that the surface tension increased. But the authors think that the Si-O decomposition may be the main reason to make dσ / dT > 0 for the complex multi-component slag containing high SiO2 ( wSiO > 23 % ). Therefore, appropriate decrease of the inner chamber temperature of the reaction shaft is useful to reduce the freeze slag surface tension and to make the freeze slag adhere to the reaction shaft inner wall more easy.

It can be regarded as criterion for determining the reaction rate. Usually, the larger the characteristic time is, the slower the reaction rate is. The active energy ∆E and constant Bt is obtained by fitting at least two temperature experimental data, and the oxidation kinetics curves at other temperatures could be quantitatively predicted by Eq. 5. Hongxi Zhu and Linjiang Wang If the temperature is the invariable, defining the constant H 2ν m written as ξ= pO2 19 2 K 0 D 0 exp(− ∆RTE ) as Bp , the Eq.

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