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C. M. Ramus with their attentions. ' A hardly less remarkable aspect of the Ramus story, and one of which the writer I have quoted seems to have been unaware, is that this man steadfastly advocated the construction of awesome weapons which he called rocketrams. I am able to give a sketch of one such proposal. The craft was to be made of 1 in. boiler plate and to measure 120 ft X 20 ft X 7 ft. Weighing 140 tons, it was to have a propelling force of 175 tons. 'Time of propulsion' was quoted as 30 seconds, 'distance to be traversed' as 'nearly 2 miles', and .

A similar model was towed from a launch at about 8 knots; this speed was more than sufficient to make it rise to the surface. When air was forced under it the resistance was greatly reduced, but it was never very low. At the best it fell to a value of about one-quarter the weight of the model. ' I , , I Models constructed and tested by Sir John Thornycroft to investigate the possibilities of the air-cushion. S. Lightning, and immediately behind is another of the same vessel designed to be lifted by air.

Engine. The bottom ofthe hull was a continuous plane, but there was difficulty regarding disposition of weights, which 'prevented an early planing angle'. It was then that a hydrofoil surface was fitted under the bows, to induce them to lift. As speed increased to about 15 knots lift was sufficient to trim the hull on the main planing surface and speed increased rapidly to some 27 knots. The hydrofoil, having less lift to provide, then acted as a planing surface. Press reports in recent years of trips in hydrofoil craft have stressed the novelty of the experience; which adds a zest to the following first-hand account of a demonstration by Miranda III, written in July 1909.

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