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By Anoushiravan Ehteshami

ISBN-10: 0415108799

ISBN-13: 9780415108799

This booklet bargains a entire research of post-Khomeini Iran, exploring the Rafsanjani management from fiscal, political, foreign, and strategic views. Anoush Ehteshami assesses the serious dilemmas of the regime either just before and because the demise of its first non secular chief.

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The ORWI’s limited resources and lack of experienced cadres peripherised this organisation soon after its foundation. Besides the KDP, the small but high-profile National Democratic Front (NDF; led by Mossadeq’s grandson, Hedayatollah Matindaftari) was the only other notable SR force not espousing a left-wing or Marxist ideology. The Front, which had been alienated from the Islamic regime soon after the end of the Provisional Government, collaborated closely with the NCR, accruing considerable prestige to the latter while the alliance lasted.

Secondly, that since his appointment as Faqih it was not possible for Ayatollah Khamenei to be the President as well. With the Guardian Council’s approval, thus, the new date for the Presidential elections and the referendum on the constitutional changes had been arrived at. It was stated that as Ayatollah Khomeini himself had recommended a two-month period for the review of the constitution and as the Review Panel had completed its deliberations there was no reason why the two events could not be combined.

One observer was to state categorically that the system would not survive for long: the clergy have failed either to establish a cohesive and enduring polity or to address imaginatively and forcefully Iran’s economic problems let alone 18 After Khomeini rise to the aspirations of the Iranian people…[sic] the growing challenge to theocratic rule…would not fail to ultimately undermine the clerical regime’s hold on power. The gathering storm is too powerful for the debilitated clerical regime to effectively weather and survive…the end of the clergy is not far in sight.

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