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By Norman K Glendenning

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In an excellent flash approximately fourteen billion years in the past, time and topic have been born in one immediate of construction. An immensely scorching and dense universe begun its fast growth all over the place, growing area the place there has been no area and time the place there has been no time. within the excessive fireplace simply after the start, the lightest parts have been cast, later to shape primordial clouds that at last developed into galaxies, stars, and planets. This evolution is the tale advised during this interesting booklet. Interwoven with the storyline are brief items at the pioneering women and men who printed these wonders to us.

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T h e manuscript was smuggled out of Italy to Leiden for publication. 2). I m p o r t a n t among other discoveries t h a t contradicted Aristotelian and Church belief in the central role of the E a r t h were the phases of Venus. Galileo realized t h a t the phases resulted from Venus' orbit about the Sun, which illuminated 6 Galileo was born in Pisa in February 1564, died in his home at Arcetri in the hills above Florence in January 1642, and is buried in Santa Croce. He is the last scientist to be known to the world by his first name.

Beyond t h a t distant horizon there are myriad other galaxies, stars and, no doubt, planets. And any observer who may be alive on one of those planets sees a universe very much like the one we see. Is the entire universe finite or infinite; does it have a b o u n d a r y or is it unbounded; will it last for a finite time or will it live forever? These are asyet-unsettled issues, but astronomers are poised to unravel these wondrous mysteries. 8 Boxes 1-3 1 T h e M o o n Falls A r o u n d Make a sketch showing the E a r t h and the Moon's orbit; place a straight arrow originating at the Moon to indicate the momentary direction of travel, which is perpendicular to the line joining the E a r t h and the Moon.

Glendenning Using the 100-inch telescope on Mount Wilson in southern California, Edwin Hubble (1889-1953) measured what is called the redshift, of light coming from distant galaxies. T h e redshift, also called the Doppler shift, is well known to anyone who has heard the high pitch of the whistle of an approaching train sink to a lower pitch as it passes. All wavelike motion will experience this sort of shift if it originates from a moving source. T h e pitch of a whistle, whether high or low, is determined by a wave property, namely the wavelength — the distance between adjacent crests of the wave.

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