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The philosophical procedure of this quantity is especially structuralist, utilizing logical instruments to enquire the formal constitution of assorted forms of gadgets in our global, as characterized via language and as systematised through philosophy. This quantity frequently analyses the structural houses of collections or pluralities (with purposes to the philosophy of set theory), homogeneous items like water, and the semantics and philosophy of occasions. This e-book thereby enhances algebraic paintings that has been performed on different philosophical entities, i.e. propositions, houses, kin, or events. situated within the triangle of language, common sense and philosophy, this quantity is exclusive in combining the assets of alternative ?elds in an interdisciplinary firm. half the fourteen chapters of this quantity are unique papers, complementing the gathering of the author's formerly released essays at the topic.

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Three. , überarb. Aufl.
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It is, therefore, of a different quality as sentence (32a) below, where the predicate is a ruminant applies not to the species Cow itself but rather to its particular instances. Here we have a case of what can be called derived object predication. It is more natural with a BP or a singular indefinite NP (cf. (32b,c)). The definite article in (32a), in fact, is marginal and might be acceptable only due to a certain familiarity effect (this is true at least of its German counterpart die Kiihe sind Wiederkauer); in French, on the other hand, it has to be there since BPs are not admitted).

Many = not few = not nearly all not not many — few = nearly all not not many not = few not — nearly all But even these relations need qualifications. The first equality in each line presupposes a classical ("weak") concept of negation; and the second equality has to be interpreted with respect to some fixed standard of the kind referred to above. The most important formal consequence of an adequate semantical treatment of vague quantifiers is the recognition that the quantifier and the noun it modifies have to be taken as a unit.

The definite PNP version naturally means that the Cordeliers, according to Lucile's beliefs, are not corrupt. Negation is unable here to "split up" the group-denoting definite PNP. (26) concerns disjunction. Although intuitions are less stable here, the intended reading for (26b) seems quite natural (either the Indulgents were banned or they were executed). (26a) is different: the universal quantifier takes wide scope so that the Indulgents are asserted to have been submitted to a non-uniform treatment.

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