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By Jacqueline A. MacDonald, J. R. Lockwood

ISBN-10: 0833033018

ISBN-13: 9780833033017

Analyzes the advantages and downsides of recent applied sciences in landmine detection and gives recommendations for making improvements to and rushing up the method.

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This makes it virtually impossible to assess operating characteristics (for example, ROC curves) with any specificity, thus precluding defensible quantitative performance comparisons. Compounding the general lack of data to support quantitative evaluations is a lack of comparability of the data that are available. The performance of a landmine detection system depends on the types and depths of mines present, the environment in which the system is operated, and the human operator. For detectors that locate buried objects, such mine properties as size, shape, and metallic content substantially affect detector performance, as do the placements (depth and orientation) of the mines.

1995). A survey by Andersson et al. (1995) in Afghanistan, Bosnia, Cambodia, and Mozambique found that one in three victims of mine blasts die. Many of the victims are children. For example, in Afghanistan, the survey found that, on average, 17 in 1,000 children had been injured or killed by mines. 1). Loss of arms, loss of digits, blindness, and shrapnel wounds also occur. , 1998). Most victims are males of working age, and often they are unable to return to work. The Andersson et al. survey found that “households with a mine ______________ 1 Estimates of the total number of landmines, the number of victims, and the mine clearance rates are highly uncertain because only about 30 countries have conducted formal surveys (ICBL, 2001).

2001). NOTE: The bottom target is a metallic mine; the top two targets are low-metal mines. 1—Images of Landmines Produced by GPR System cal in the design of a GPR system are signal-processing algorithms, which filter out clutter signals and select objects to be declared as mines. GPR is a mature technology, but it has not yet been widely deployed for mine detection. GPR was first used in 1929 to measure the depth of an Austrian glacier (Olhoeft, 2002). The Army tested rudimentary GPR techniques for mine detection in the 1940s.

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