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By Fawaz A. Gerges

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This ebook presents a accomplished account of the origins of yankee coverage on political Islam, chronicling the coverage debates on Islamism within the usa over the process time. the writer then delves deeper into the USA political scene to research the old, political, cultural, and safeguard matters that will aid clarify America's preoccupation with Islam and Muslims. The publication additionally addresses the conflict of civilizations debate and assesses the relative significance of tradition and values within the phrases and deeds folks officers on political Islam.

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7-8, 10. 3. Norman Daniel, Islam and the West: The Making of an Image (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 1960), p. 127. 4. Rodinson, Europe and the Mystique of Islam, chapter 1. "6 However, this portrait of unremitting Western-Muslim hostility is misleading. The pendulum of Western-Muslim relations has swung between rivalry/confrontation and collaboration/ accommodation. Although conflict arising from cultural, religious, and ideological factors has been the norm, realpolitik and interstate interests have also shaped the relationship between the two civilizations.

63. Martin Kramer, "Islam vs. Democracy," Commentary (January 1993), p. 39; Paris, "When To Worry in the Middle East," p. 558. 23. " See also Pipes, "Same Difference," p. 63, and in "Symposium: Resurgent Islam," p. 7; Kramer, "Islam vs. Democracy," p. 39. 24. Paris, "When to Worry in the Middle East," p. 558. 25. Ibid. p. 558. 26. Ibid. p. 559. 27 Confrontationalists argue further that Islamic extremism is bound to reach the shores of America through Muslim immigrants and visitors. S. 30 Pipes goes further by advocating not just containment of Islamists but also rollback and liberation.

Jochen Hippler claims that Western concern over nuclear proliferation in the region has less to do with actual military power than with control of the oil in the Persian Gulf. 47 Unlike confrontationalists, who consider political Islam as a radical Utopian ideology, accommodationists view Islamic resurgence as a product of socioeconomic and political woes; it is locally rooted. 48 46. Wright, "Islam, Democracy and the West," Foreign Affairs (Summer 1992), pp. 137-8. See also Yvonne Yazbeck Haddad, "The 'New Enemy'?

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