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By Lorenza Luster and Helen Benyard Luster

ISBN-10: 1567655637

ISBN-13: 9781567655636

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C If the sum of two angles is not 180°, then the two angles are not supplementary. D If two angles are not supplementary, then the sum of the two angles is less than 180°. Which is the inverse of the statement, “If Sharon can go, then Ruth cannot go”? F If Sharon cannot go, then Ruth can go. PRACTICE 7 Objective: G If Ruth cannot go, then Sharon can go. H If Ruth can go, then Sharon cannot go. J If Sharon cannot go, then Ruth cannot go. 9. Which is the biconditional of the statement, “If two angles have the same measure, then they are congruent”?

Draw two arcs from points X and Y above line ᐉ. Label the intersection Z. ᐉ X A Y Z Use your straightedge to draw a line through A and Z. ᐉ X A Y Q T Result: ZA is perpendicular to line ᐉ and passes through the point A. Patty Paper: Step 1. Copy the given sketch on a piece of patty paper. A ഞ Constructions with Compass and Straightedge—Working with Angles • 27 Step 2. Fold the line ᐉ on top of itself until the folded edge passes through the point A. A ഞ Step 3. Unfold and flatten. ഞ A Result: The crease is the line perpendicular to line ᐉ passing through the point A.

What other point does it pass through? 5. Which segment is congruent to the given segment ZW ? Z X O K A B C D P C B A D F G H J 3. W A B C D 6. M LN O KM KL LO NO Which angle is congruent to ЄRST? M L Y R N O If a line were constructed perpendicular to T BA at point A, which other point would it pass through? X F G H J W Y 7. A Z X B S T ЄLXY ЄMXY ЄNXY ЄOXY Which represents the construction of a segment whose length is a ϩ b? C b A B C D 4. W X Y Z a A Which construction represents an angle bisector?

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