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Food, and as a result his species gradually He had no tools and was clumsy at gathering died out. ). Thus possible to study every stage of himian development modern man. Some less idea of the speed with years ago) in and of Homo Kwangsi alone it is now from the oldest hominid up to which discoveries are now being made can be gained from the fact that within the last four years more teeth and bones of Peking Man have been discovered at Chou-k'ou-tien; at Ting-ts'un in Shansi teeth and tools of a later stage girl of Sinanthropus have been found (200,000 years old); while the remains of a of Neanderthal type of 80,000 years ago have been unearthed at Tze-yang in Szechwan.

R. von Koenigswald, examining some 'dragon bones' chemist's shop in Kwangsi, found three teeth of a giant apeHke creature which he in a named Recently palaeontologists working under Dr. P'ei Wen-chuna have made intensive investigations of the region round Nanning and have discovered further Gigantopithecus. remains of Cigantopithecus, a contemporary of Peking Man. This huge creature was advanced than his northern cousin, however. food, and as a result his species gradually He had no tools and was clumsy at gathering died out.

The tomb was it from evil influences lay the skeletons of attendants in groups of ten, their severed heads buried rich with superb bronsx vessels, jade objects Another royal personage, apparently an animal buried near (Plate 2) him in separate graves. lover, The tomb had and pottery. his pets, including an elepliant, recently excavated at Wu-kuan-ts'un had only two sloping ramps, north and south, but contained the remains of an elaborate canopy of painted leather, wood-bark and main chamber were crammed with men coming up from below, while (one beneath the skulls of a funher fifty bamboo; here both the ramps and the complete skeletons of no less than twenty-two tomb chamber) and twenty-four women, and men with no signs of a stru£^le buried in adjacent — the result, perhaps, [38] pits.

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