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By Ruben A. Martinez-Avendano, Peter Rosenthal

ISBN-10: 0387354182

ISBN-13: 9780387354187

The topic of this booklet is operator conception at the Hardy area H2, also referred to as the Hardy-Hilbert area. this can be a well known zone, partly as the Hardy-Hilbert house is the main usual environment for operator concept. A reader who masters the cloth coated during this publication could have got an organization origin for the research of all areas of analytic capabilities and of operators on them. The target is to supply an effortless and interesting creation to this topic that would be readable by way of everybody who has understood introductory classes in advanced research and in practical research. The exposition, mixing suggestions from "soft"and "hard" research, is meant to be as transparent and instructive as attainable. some of the proofs are very based.

This publication developed from a graduate path that was once taught on the college of Toronto. it's going to turn out compatible as a textbook for starting graduate scholars, or perhaps for well-prepared complicated undergraduates, in addition to for self reliant learn. there are lots of workouts on the finish of every bankruptcy, in addition to a short consultant for extra examine inclusive of references to purposes to subject matters in engineering.

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20 1 Introduction Therefore, if r ∈ [s, 1), we have |u(reit0 ) − L| < ε. We state the following special case of Fatou’s theorem for future reference. 27. Let φ be a function in L1 (S 1 , dθ). Define u by u(reit ) = 1 2π 2π Pr (θ − t)φ(eiθ ) dθ. e. Proof. Define α by θ φ(eix ) dx. e. 26) gives the result. The following corollary is an important application of Fatou’s theorem. It is often convenient to identify H 2 with H 2 ; in some contexts, we will refer to f and its boundary function f interchangeably.

Show that a function f analytic on D is in H 2 if there is a harmonic function u on D such that |f (z)|2 ≤ u(z) for all z ∈ D. 12. 7. Define H 1 to be the set of all functions in L1 (S 1 ) whose Fourier coefficients corresponding to negative indices are zero. Prove that the product of two functions in H 2 is in H 1 . 8. Let u be a real-valued function in L2 . Show that there exists a real-valued function v in L2 such that u + iv is in H 2 . 9. Let f be an even function of a real variable defined in a neighborhood of 0.

That is, φ ∈ L∞ . 46 2 The Unilateral Shift and Factorization of Functions We can now explicitly describe the reducing subspaces of the bilateral shift. 6. e. on E} for measurable subsets E ⊂ S 1 . Proof. e. on E}. If f (eiθ0 ) = 0, then eiθ0 f (eiθ0 ) = 0, so ME is invariant under W . Similarly, if f (eiθ0 ) = 0, then e−iθ0 f (eiθ0 ) = 0, so ME is invariant under W ∗ . 25, ME is reducing. 25. By the previous theorem, P = Mφ for some φ ∈ L∞ . Since P is a projection, P 2 = P and thus Mφ2 = Mφ .

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