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ISBN-10: 2704210888

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Azoulay E., Avignant J. Mathematiques three. examine (MGH, 1984)(fr)(ISBN 2704210888)

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Analyse: cours et exercices

Azoulay E. , Avignant J. Mathematiques three. examine (MGH, 1984)(fr)(ISBN 2704210888)

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5. Combining the three discrete mean values, the distribution type, and the standard deviation gives the three curves shown in Figure 6. These are the three discrete states represented on the decision tree for Path 3. The expert panel agreed that the middle curve shown in Figure 6 was the most likely distribution for the headspace hydrogen concentration in the inventory of Pu-238 TRU waste drums. 5 in the decision tree. 25 for the decision tree. The panel (see Appendix D) on regulatory uncertainty was fairly optimistic about NRC approval for Path 3 (Table 5).

The resl for three cases (high, medium, low) for each performance measure in terms of number of drum equivalents that could be shipped, the demand upon the shipI allotted to Pu-238 TRU waste by The National TRU Waste Management Plan the total life-cycle system cost. 6. Section 4 further evaluates the probability of technical success in consideration uncertainties posed by potential decisions by the NRC. 5), this evaluation assesses the studies in terms of the volume (drums) of Pu-238 TRU waste that could be sh~ 2006.

Although treatment costs can be reduced when the benefits of matrix depletion, headspace gas sample tests or the use of getters is considered, treatment remains more costly than repackaging when considered with these same benefits. 5 times more costly than the comparable repackaging strategy ($602 versus $240 million) (Table 9). FIGURE 9. 13 I 35 THIS PAGE INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK 12/3 1/98 Pu-238 Decision Analysis Report 36 Conversely, however, a significant cost savings will be realized when some of the waste can be shipped from the Li$e-Cycle Costs sites without treatment or repackaging because of the Repackaging costs can benefit from benefits of matrix depletion/ hydrogen generation, the successful application of matrix hydrogen headspace gas sampling, or the use of hydrogen depletion, hydrogen headspace gas getters in the inner containment vessel.

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