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By H.G. Garnir, Wilde, Schmets

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This guy was curious about everything, and he went out of his way to help Marned. I had a bad feeling about him. He was too friendly to be honest. I asked him about his job. He was vague and secretive. He claimed to work for an advertising company. In fact, he was really a cop. We found this out later when the Ministry of the Interior appointed him head of the censorship bureau. The whole thing rnade Mamed sick. l-Ie couldn't get over it. He was mad at himself for having been taken in. " Later, this spy made a career in intelli­ gence.

You tell them all your secrets. I bet you even tell them about our arguments, our sex life. You can't keep a secret. You're riddled with vanity. Ah, the respected teacher, the distinguished pedagogue, the old leftie who has fallen into line with the corrupt majority! Well, thanks to Ghita, now we know. Mamed is not your 55 Tahar Ben Jelloun friend. He is jealous and bitter, he's a slave to his wife, he does just what she tells him to, and you believe everything he says. You'd be better off taking care of your own fan1ily, saving some money so that I can go to France and see a gynecologist who can help me have a child.

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